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Let's go see a Pixar movie, they said. It's for kids so it'll be super silly and fun, they said!

Well, they also failed to mention that these Pixar movies will make you dry heave every single bit of moisture out of your body! But now we know why and how Pixar makes those movies the saddest stuff on earth, thanks to Above Average's latest video, which is a behind-the-scenes look at Pixar's SadLab that show experts hard at work studying "the science of making you cry."

Even though this is a skit, we firmly believe that there are people at Pixar who have only one job: discovering new ways to make audiences sob until our bodies shut down. Oh, wait. That's EVERYONE AT PIXAR!

Toys holding hands going into a furnace? Sully saying goodbye to Boo? Up? Pixar knows what they're doing over there, and like Steve Jobs perfected Apple products, these sad experts have perfected destroying everyone's emotions.

The best quote from the video that essentially sums up Pixar? This one: "We found that our ideal formula to really get audience's tears jerking is to ambush them. For instance, when you're watching Up. You're thinking, 'it's a kids movie. What could go wrong? The balloons...' And then wham! Miscarriage and a dead wife."

Yep, that's Pixar's method of operations! But damn it, we will go see every single film they put out.

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