Ellen Page, Samantha Thomas


Ellen Page isn't afraid to flaunt her love.

After making her debut with girlfriend Samantha Thomas at the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, the actress continued to take the lovefest over to her Instagram.

Page shared a sweet photograph of Thomas holding Ellen from behind while at some sort of dance event, and cleverly captioned the snapshot, "high school dance vibes." LOL! Thomas was caught laughing into the back of her girlfriend's head as she hugged her close. Page returned the affectionate sentiment by holding on to Samantha's arms.

Sigh, so precious.

At the premiere of her latest film Freeheld at TIFF on Sunday, the actress walked the red carpet with her girlfriend, which was the first public appearance for the duo. And when we asked Page why she chose that night in particular, her reasoning was simple and honest.

Page told E! News with a big smile, "I'm in love."

Freeheld has been a passion project for Page so the premiere seemed like the right time for their glamorous public debut. Page told E! News exclusively that "walking down the carpet holding my girlfriend's hand is pretty special."

"It's pretty awesome," she added.

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