DVF 202

Let's get down to business!

Tonight's all-new episode of House of DVF started with the final seven candidates—Alli, Cat, Chantal, Hanna Beth, Cree, Leigh and Maytee—arriving in NYC at DVF's headquarters to officially begin the brand ambassador competition! After the girls introduced themselves and got acquainted, they met with Diane Von Furstenberg's insider fashion squad: Style Editor Jessica Joffe, Creative Brand Director Stefani Greenfield and Artistic Director Michael Herz.

Michael immediately put the ladies on the spot by asking them why they chose the outfits they're wearing. Alli went first and said, "I like statement pieces. I like loud pieces, so I just thought this was kind of free and funky and fun."

DVF 202

However, Jessica did not approve of Alli's bold wardrobe choice. "It appears that Alli from the Valley is simply wearing a shirt and some boots," she said. "I'm just a little bit confused why she's not wearing any pants." Oops!

Cree, a fashion illustrator, was also singled out for her unusual clothing. "The scarf, I'm not exactly sure what it's doing," Jessica said, referring to the accessory around Cree's waist.

"Well, it's here to give color," Cree replied. "I like to create things out of nothing."

Later, Diane arrived to welcome the girls and give them their first assignment. "I want to gear this whole program toward style," she told them. "Imagine you could be a guest editor for a magazine and curate one page to illustrate in your eyes what you think the DVF woman is."

Then, it was time to get to work! "If there's any one who's going to do a good job at creating a magazine page, it's obviously the girl that's been working at Vogue," Leigh said about jewelry assistant Chantal.

The candidates split into two groups and roamed the streets of New York looking for inspiration. During the task, Chantal and fashion stylist Cat began analyzing the competition. "What about Cree?" Cat asked Chantal. "I don't know. I feel like she's the outlier," Chantal replied.

"Cree, to me, sticks out like a sore thumb," Cat said. "She didn't represent DVF in one iota of her outfit! Like, why are you here?"

DVF 202

Back at the hotel, all the ladies' decided to meet up and work on their projects together. Alli instantly got the party started when she arrived in a low-cut pink bathrobe and brought a bottle of champagne. "It's like her boobs came in singing a song!" Leigh said.

While Alli popped the champagne, Hanna Beth revealed that she's been sober for almost seven months. "I don't drink any alcohol," she said. "When I'm going through things in life, I'd rather go through it clearheaded than turn to alcohol."

Later on, the conversation turned juicy when the girls started talking about relationships and who's single or taken. "I have really specific standards," Alli said, surprising the group. "I'm really religious and that's really important to me. My dad's a pastor."

"Wow! Based on her style and the way she was dressed, I never expected that," Cat said.

DVF 202

Then, Cat turned to Cree, who was reluctant to join the discussion. "It's not strange at all," Cat coaxed her. "What are you looking for in a man?"

"It's not really a man," Cree responded. "It's a woman." The entire room immediately erupted in encouraging reactions. "Why didn't you say that?" the girls asked her.

But the relationship talk wasn't positive for everyone. Moments later, Hanna Beth emerged in tears and told the group she just went through a messy break up with actor Chris Zylka. "I'm having a really hard time," she said as the group comforted her. "It's only been a few days, so it's just like really fresh."

DVF 202

The next day, it was time for the candidates to present their finished magazine boards to Diane. As Jessica ushered them into the offices, they told her about their sleepover the night before. When Hanna Beth's break up was mentioned, she started to cry again. Jessica tried to console her, but not all the girls were as sympathetic.

"I would never in a million years start crying about a personal issue at work," Cat said. "It doesn't reflect well upon her at all." So instead, Cat decided to bring up Cree's sexuality to change the subject.

When Jessica asked about it, Cree said, "I'm not going to reveal that again. Can we not?"

Diane walked in right on schedule to diffuse the awkward situation and the girls began showing their work. Diane absolutely hated Alli's board, calling it "childish and sloppy," but loved Leigh and Cree's projects.

DVF 202

Once everyone was finished, Diane shared some surprising news—she was bringing two girls with her Paris! She ended up choosing Leigh because she did well on the assignment and Cat because she wanted to test her. Although Cat was thrilled, the other ladies were not.

After arriving in Paris, Leigh and Cat made their first stop at Diane's beautiful French apartment, where DVF Global Brand Ambassador Brittany Hampton was doing a photo shoot. "Seeing Brittany actually doing this job in Diane's apartment, getting photographed is so cool because it makes it feel so real," Leigh said. "That's what we're all working toward."

Diane instructed the two girls to take pictures around the city that could work in Madame Figaro magazine's "An American in Paris" issue. The candidates set out to snap their scenic photos, but Leigh got annoyed when Cat started bossing her around.

DVF 202

Afterward, they met up with Diane at Angelina restaurant. They began showing Diane their pictures, but an eager Cat controlled the majority of the conversation. "It's bothering me so much," Leigh said. "Every time I try to talk, Cat keeps cutting me off and I really haven't gotten to say anything to Diane since we sat down."

Meanwhile, in New York, Michael presented the other candidates with a new challenge. They were tasked with creating their own piece of clothing using DVF's chain link fabric that could potentially be included in the next collection! The ladies promptly began sketching their unique designs.

Back in Paris, Leigh and Cat went out for a night on the town. But the tension from their lunch with Diane carried over once they arrived at the bar. 

As Cat gushed about how amazing Diane was, Leigh decided it was time to address Cat's rude behavior earlier in the day. "I felt like when we were at Angelina, you said everything and I didn't talk at all," she told her. "I didn't say one word."

Cat responded, "I come in as the top stylist and I'm commanding assistants and interns and this is bizarre for me to be on an equal playing field with 20-year-olds." Ironically, Cat went on to tell Leigh that she needed to be "more concise and direct and clear and not talk over people." And she didn't stop there—she even told Leigh she talks like a Valley girl!

Luckily, the tension dissolved when the ladies were approached by several handsome French men! "Thank God!" Leigh said, relieved. "I cannot listen to Cat for one more second!"

DVF 202

The men offered to buy them drinks and of course Cat and Leigh obliged. "He was hot and I knew what I wanted," Cat enthused. "I just knew instantly!" Later on, the guys took the girls on a nighttime walk to the Eiffel Tower. The outing went so well that Cat and her Parisian date exchanged phone numbers!

In NYC, the candidates went to a vintage shop to find inspiration for their designs. While there, Maytee revealed to the girls that she was thinking about making a 4-in-1 convertible dress! "What am I missing?" Chantal wondered about the idea. "Nobody understands." LOL!

The next morning in Paris, Leigh received a phone call from Diane's assistant requesting a personal meeting with the designer! Naturally, Leigh was extremely nervous about being sent home. When she arrived at the apartment, Diane asked her if she was too young to succeed in the program because she noticed Cat dominated her the previous day.

"I want to know since you are the youngest in the program if you are actually too young and too green and too unequipped. Are you?" Diane asked.

"I definitely am young and I have a lot to learn, but I think there's something to be said for coming into your company and learning the other things I have to with you," Leigh said. "I'm such a people pleaser and I don't stick up for myself a lot and that's one of things I really want to work on."

Diane was impressed with Leigh's response and decided to give her another chance.

Afterward, it was time for Cat and Leigh to represent the brand at the press preview to unveil the new collection, and Jessica wasn't playing any games. "Listen, you're here to represent the brand," she told them. "As wonderful and fun as Paris is, right now is crunch time." No pressure.

As the event was in full swing, the girls started showing the designs to the journalists and editors. However, once again Cat started cutting Leigh off and talking over her in conversations. Jessica noticed the exchange and pulled Cat aside for a quick word. "You have a quality that lends itself to steamrolling a little bit and I've seen you now with Leigh steamroll her," Jessica told her.

DVF 202

"When do I steamroll Leigh," Cat asked. Um, what?

"Don't get defensive with me, okay?" Jessica responded. "You have to be able to take notes."

"Take notes?" Cat inquired.

"Take criticism," Jessica clarified. "We're not going to notice you more because you drown other people out." Uh-oh!

Watch an all-new episode of House of DVF next Monday at 8PM on E!

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