A first kiss is a fraught proposition for any teenager, but it was sooooo much worse for Fred Savage: His first kiss not only happened in front of a whole bunch of people—it was televised worldwide! That's right—the first kiss for his Wonder Years character, Kevin Arnold, was also his first smooch IRL.

"My very first kiss was on The Wonder Years. It was on screen," shares Savage, who stars in Fox's fall comedy The Grinder, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from his new set. (For the record, it was also the first kiss for Danica McKellar, who played Kevin's BFF/soulmate, Winnie Cooper, she revealed in a featurette on the show's complete series DVD set.)

The Grinder


Savage, who plays a small-town lawyer Stewart Sanderson, and Rob Lowe, who plays his big-city actor brother Dean Sanderson Jr. (who played a lawyer on TV), went under oath and shared their adorable stories behind their first interactions with the opposite sex.

"I was 8. She was 13. It was The Wizard of Oz at the Dayton Community Theatre. I was a munchkin, and she was a jitterbug," Lowe reveals about his first mouth-to-mouth encounter.

The pair's half-hour sitcom features Lowe's Dean returning to his hometown after his popular legal drama (called, what else, The Grinder) wraps, and helping out with his family's law firm. The new series debuts Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. on Fox, right after the debut of the network's other new sitcom, Grandfathered.

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