Sigh, Johnny Depp is such a dreamboat.

The actor has always maintained an attractive quality over the years, but we almost forgot just how much of a stud the celeb was when he first got on the scene! In honor of throwback Thursday, E! News reached into the vault and pulled out a gem.

Here's Depp in 1990 during our sit-down interview with him to promote Cry-Baby, and if you can manage to focus on something other than his slicked back hair and amazing bone structure, you'll hear a 27-year-old Johnny discuss the problems with being typecast by an audience.

"I've worked on this television series for three years and people have been sold, America has been sold, to this image of a character on TV, and so the perception is that's who I am, which is not...," Depp began to say.

"I'm an actor who does this job. You know what I mean? So it's important to...any kind of labeling, any kind of brand, is binding and restricting. Just basically no fun."

Depp has clearly built a very successful career over the years, snagging a variety of roles for numerous blockbuster films, and it doesn't look like he's going to stop any time soon.

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