Rainbow Doritos

So Skittles kind of has a hold on the whole taste-the-rainbow thing, but starting today Doritos is giving it a try.

That's right, your computer isn't deceiving you; what we have here are real, live, rainbow-colored chips. Now before you go eschewing them as gross or unnatural, just know that the venture is for a very good cause. (Don't worry, we made the same mistake too). The limited-edition snacks were conceived with the It Gets Better project to "celebrate the LGBT community "in the boldest, most colorful way possible," according to the company. The color palette was inspired by the pride flag, obviously.

And these chips have the added bonus of being super exclusive. You can't just waltz into your local supermarket and grab a bag. The only way to get your paws on this grub is to donate at least $10 to the charity (you can do so here) and then wait patiently for your tasty new snack.

Which brings us to the real issue at hand here: Are these even any good? Because as great as it is to have a charitable bag of chips, they have to stand up to the taste test. Since we are extremely intrepid and adventurous reporters, we sample a few (okay, a lot) for you. And we can officially report that they taste exactly like Cool Ranch. (Which they should, because that's the flavor).

And let's be honest, it's not like the regular Doritos come in naturally-occurring colors anyway. #NachoFingers.

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