Houston Texan J.J. Watt is looking for love—but he keeps running up against the proverbial offensive line of life.

The 6-foot-5, 288-pound NFL defensive end recently talked to NFL.com about his dating life, saying, "I'm trying. I'm just unsuccessful. My schedule's so crazy and life's so busy, it just hasn't worked."

So those rumors he's dating Caroline Wozniacki were completely that, rumors. After telling E! News as much a while back, Watt re-confirmed to the site that he's single.

The 26-year-old confessed when discussing relationships, "But I also know that you have to be in the right place to do that. You have to find the right situation, and you have to be in that right mindset where you can give everything you have to that. Because whatever I do, I want to be the best at. I want to be the best husband. I want to be the best father."

J.J. Watt, JJ Watt

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So, he's holding out until he's got the right balance in his life and has time for Ms. Right. "And I need to make sure that I have figured out the proper balance in my life so that I can give the proper time and energy that's needed for that situation," the athlete said.

Watt told E! News earlier this year, "Trust me I want to find a wife, I want to have kids. I want all of that. I absolutely want that!"

The handsome NFL star added with a smile, "I want a girl who's passionate, driven, a girl who believes in herself. Basically, I want that relationship where we have that love. I love her so much and she loves me so much, that it's just. You want that relationship where you look into the girl's eyes, and you know that she's everything you've ever wanted. When I find that I'm going to get it!"

Well, if the ladies weren't lining up before, they are now!

Watt also admitted to NFL.com that he's looking for someone dynamic as well. Someone who will enjoy the fast pace that his life is moving at right now, but will equally enjoy the pleasures of home once things slow down. "See, like, when I picture myself after football, it's down home, coaching high school football, just a relaxing, normal life," Watt added. "And the problem with that is, I still have this life now. So you can't have somebody that's just gonna be OK in that life, 'cause you have to deal with all this craziness right now. So it'd have to be somebody that's OK with the craziness now, but also is gonna be perfectly fine sitting on the couch watching a movie on a Friday night, having a bonfire on a Saturday night, not doing anything. And that's hard to find."

We have full confidence he will find exactly that!

Watt seems grounded, he loves his family, is hard working beyond belief and it's probably just a matter of time before all the rest of the puzzle pieces fall into place. Isn't that what being in your 20's is all about any way? Working hard, enjoying the present moment, and having faith that everything will work out?

This is news? I'm 26 & single. Its not exactly the end of the world, I'm doing alright.

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Sure enough, Watt figures it's only a matter of time as well.

In response to his re-declared single status trending No. 1 on Facebook today, plus the myriad tweets, and headlines that followed, Watt shared on social media, "This is news? I'm 26 & single. Its not exactly the end of the world, I'm doing alright."

That you are Mr. Watt and, may we say, you keep doing you, because it's awesome.

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