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No matter what side of the political fence you're on, you can always find something humorous when it's time for a debate.

The second Republican presidential debate Wednesday night left plenty for everyone to laugh at, whether it was Donald Trump's emoji-like facial expressions or, in this case, Ice-T's live tweets. The Law & Order: SVU star watched the CNN debate like many others, but he didn't just "debate and chill." Instead he gave his followers his wildest opinions, and the results were hilarious.

It started out relatively serious, with Coco's husband taking issue with the fact that no one was talking about a particular hot-button topic: education. "I've only heard the word EDUCATION once," he wrote. "From anybody."

After that, all hell broke loose.

With 11 people on the podium, the rapper-turned-actor could barely keep up with the who's who of it all. "They all need name plates.." he wrote. For the rest of the debate he couldn't remember anyone's names, so when it came time to identify someone, he used any clarifying identifier.

"That Doctor just lost me with that Mexican Slavery idea..." he tweeted. Beyond that it was "MFs" aka "mother f--kers."

While the presidential contenders were debating the legalization of marijuana, Ice-T joked it was the perfect time for each of them to confess to drug use (if any). "Oh s--t! Bush gets high.." he wrote, followed by, "Trump should just admit to Crack right now.. This is his chance."

Even though he "could be playin my video game," Ice-T kept on keeping on and continued tweeting the three-hour event. "Why don't they talk about the Drug Companies Hustle'n the medical industry.." he pondered.

However, when someone suggested eliminating the IRS, Ice-T became all about the GOP. "Eliminate the IRS????? you just got my attention!" But that's as far as his support went, as he became immediately skeptical of certain in-person viewers.

"Those Black people in the audience are paid seat fillers...," he wrote.

He ended his session by summing up how he felt about everyone's performance. "Hey… I hope i helped you enjoy the Debate. Wow.. USA. We're in trouble," he shared.

For more of Ice-T's opinions, watch the video below:

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