The gloves have come off!

The competition to be Diane Von Furstenberg's new global brand ambassador may have just begun, but that doesn't mean the girls are playing nice! In an exclusive clip from Sunday's brand-new House of DVF episode, candidates Cat Wennekamp and Leigh Fidler butt heads while out at a bar!

"I love that our boss just told us to go out and have some fun," Cat, a 26-year-old fashion stylist, says to Leigh about Diane as they sip their drinks. "I looked at her as a young girl when she was 26 and I was like imagining her and the crazy s--t she must have done!"

Cat continues to gush about Diane and control the conversation until Leigh cuts her off to speak her mind. "So, I felt like when we were at Angelina you said everything and I didn't talk at all. I didn't say like one word," the 20-year-old student tells Cat, referring to their lunch with Diane earlier in the day. "I'm sure that you're used to walking in and commanding a room by yourself."

"Yeah, it's hard not to be like—I come in as the top stylist, and I'm commanding like assistants and interns, and this is bizarre for me to be on an equal playing field with 20-year-olds," Cat responds. Whoa!

Then, Cat takes it upon herself to give Leigh some unsolicited advice. "You need to be more like concise and direct and clear and like not talk over people and listen" she says.

"I don't think I talk over people. I didn't talk over you today. You talked the entire time we were at Angelina," Leigh replies.

"Well, because it felt like a really personal moment for me," Cat says. "You come across more ditzy than you are," she adds.

Watch the clip above to hear what else Cat has to say about Leigh!

Don't miss House of DVF this Monday at 8PM on E!

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