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Full disclosure: "The Wheel of Musical Impressions" just may be our favorite Tonight Show segment. 

Last night, Ariana Grande stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where the 22-year-old pop star absolutely slayed while mimicking stars such as Britney Spears and Cher(presumably, this performance puts doughnut-gate in the past)

But of course, the former Nickelodeon actress isn't the first star to wow while playing Fallon's epic game, as she follows in the footsteps of fellow Musical Impressions Masters, including Christina Aguilera, Jamie Foxx, Adam Levine and more. 

Take a look back at our favorite performances as we rank the best musical impressions! 

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5. Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Impression: Fallon impersonating Iggy Azalea while singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

Why We Love It: The talk show hosts "e-i-e-i-oos" were giving us flashbacks to the rapper's "Fancy" lyrics (I-G-G-Y, anyone?). 

4. Jamie Foxx

Favorite Impression: Foxx impersonating Jennifer Hudson while belting out a high-pitched, soulful version of "On Top of Spaghetti"

Why We Love It: J.Hud is famous for her killer vocals—and we love to see the actor give her a solid (and hilarious) run for her money. 

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3. Adam Levine 

Favorite Impression: Levine impersonating Michael Jackson while singing the "Sesame Street Theme." 

Why We Love It: Forget a Jackson hologram! The Maroon 5 crooner may just be the new King of Pop. 

2. Christina Aguilera

Favorite Impression: Aguilera impersonating Britney Spears while singing "Miss Little Piggy."

Why We Love It: It's the Mickey Mouse Club battle we've all been waiting for. Care to take on "Genie In a Bottle," Brit-Brit? 

1. Ariana Grande 

Favorite Impression: Grande impersonating Christina Aguilera while singing "The Wheels on the Bus."

Why We Love It: As Aguilera herself tweeted, "You betta work girl!" No question, Ariana killed it. 

Who's your favorite musical impressions master? Tell us in the comments! 

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