Whole Foods Store Interior

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Move over, pumpkin spice latte fans. A good old cup o' Joe may finally give the drink a run for its money. 

Whole Foods recently launched a new program that will offer customers a cup of coffee for 25 cents—no strings attached. That's a whole lot of beans for pennies. 

Patrons of the store can buy as many 12 oz. cups as they want each day without facing any kind of repercussion. Unfortunately, the very fine print on this deal says that the cheap java will run out at the end of September and only applies to stores in the United States. 

The perk is one of many featured at Whole Foods this fall, tailored around a new marketing venture by the chain called "Love Fest," a program geared toward showing customers—well—love. Riffing off of what Diana Ross once sang, the brand wants everyone to "shop in the name of love."

"We are looking forward to deepening our connections with customers and saying 'thank you' and 'we love you' during this special Love Fest season," the company's executive vice president of operations, David Lannon, said in a statement. "We can't wait to surprise and delight shoppers with some of our best-ever deals, weekly giveaways and a few other surprises in our stores as well as in our social media channels." 

This season-long discount extravaganza falls curiously on the heels of the chain's overcharging scandal in New York City locations from June. The stores were caught with mislabeled packages on their shelves marked with false weights, causing patrons to believe they were buying larger portions of food than what was in the container for the listed price. 

While the effect of this campaign on the overall brand remains to be seen, one thing is for sure—people sure love their 25 cent coffee. 

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