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"Kids, when we were your age and we were in college, Taco Bell was a destination after we got drunk. Now you can get drunk at Taco Bell?! You have no idea how good you have it."

Memorize that speech, you guys. You'll be saying that to your children one day, because life is about to change for-e-verrrrr.

Taco Bell just announced that the first of their fancy new restaurants, Taco Bell Cantina, will open up in Chicago and San Francisco on Tuesday, Sept. 22. These new joints will not only have a tapas-style menu, but they'll also serve booze!

"Taco Bell Cantina restaurants will be the first and only Taco Bell restaurants to serve alcohol to customers who are of legal drinking age," reads the announcement on Taco Bell's website. "The San Francisco restaurant will serve beer and wine only, while Wicker Park will serve, beer, wine, sangria and twisted Freezes. Cantina restaurants will also feature a new tapas-style menu of sharable appetizers — including nachos and rolled tacos — during designated hours each evening, in addition to the standard Taco Bell Menu."

Taco Bell cantina will also have a hip, new look, which will focus on "simplifying and modernizing the restaurant experience," according to the press release. We don't know exactly what that means, but if we can get wine with our chalupas, we don't care if we have to sit in a spiky bean bag chair.

"These new urban restaurants are a critical part of our growth strategy in markets where people experience our brand differently," said CEO Brian Niccol. "Today's consumers are living in more urban settings and our new restaurants cater to their lifestyle in adapting our traditional restaurant concept to fit their modern needs." 

You had us at burritos and booze, Brian. No need to drop fancy language on us. We are so there.

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