If you thought Christina Aguilera was musical impressions master, think again.

Ariana Grande appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show Tuesday and proved that she can mimic everyone from Britney Spears to Céline Dion. The musical impressions generator selected Spears and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to start, and Grande nailed the pop star's signature vocals as she sang the nursery rhyme. The Roots backed Grande and host Jimmy Fallon as they took turns singing songs as other people.

Fallon then performed OMI's "Cheerleader" as Aaron Neville.

Grande blew Fallon out of the water when she sang "The Wheels on the Bus" in the vocal stylings of Aguilera. The 22-year-old singer matched the five-time Grammy Award winner's tone and riffed in the same manner that made her a star in the '90s. Fallon stood and bowed, saying, "We're just going to stop the show there. I don't know how we can continue. That is unbelievable. Wow! I want that recording." Continue he did, as he sang The Weekend's "Can't Feel My Face" as Sting.

"That was perfect!" the singer told the host.

Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Grande sang "Can't Feel My Face" for her final musical impression, but not in the vein of Sting. Instead, the generator asked Fallon's guest to sing it as Dion—and she really did the Canadian musician justice! Fallon dubbed it a "Can't Feel My Face-Off" and even joined the pop star in singing the summer anthem.

Aguilera tweeted about Grande's rendition Wednesday:

During her late-night appearance, Grande also dropped some music news, saying, "My first single off of my new album is coming out on Oct. 30. It's called 'Focus.'"

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