WAGS 105

It's time to kiss and make up!

In tonight's episode of WAGS, cousins Olivia and Natalie finally resolved the tension following their blowout argument over working together. And for the first time, Olivia broke down in tears and revealed her insecurities.

"I thought you didn't want to work together anymore," she told Natalie. "That hurt my feelings. All I see is all you girls. You all have your men. I act like I'm cool, but it's not easy being around you guys. And when we fight, I can't handle that. It's too much."

Despite her boyfriend Shaun Phillips' advice, Natalie realized that she wants to stick with Olivia professionally. "At the end of the day, family is the most important thing to me. Everything else is irrelevant," Natalie said.

WAGS 105

Meanwhile, Ashley met with Barbie and Nicole for lunch to tell them the disappointing news about her wedding. "So, basically it's not happening," she told to the girls. "He's not ready I guess."

"So, when are you getting married?" Barbie asked. "I don't know," Ashley replied.

The ladies were surprised and upset to hear about Ashley's situation, but that didn't stop Barbie from gushing about her own impending nuptials.

"We want to do a Mexico wedding," she said about fiancé Sheldon Souray. "That was like our first ever vacation together, so it's very sentimental to us."

As she continued, Ashley began to get annoyed. "Is she serious right now?" Ashley asked. "I just told you my wedding was postponed and then you want to start talking about your wedding. I felt like it was a little insensitive."

WAGS 105

In other news, while Natalie was out shopping with Olivia, her BF Shaun called to tell her he booked a Mexican trip for all her family and friends to celebrate her birthday! "I'm so pumped!" Olivia gushed.

Natalie and Olivia were especially excited to introduce the girls to their entire family. "Maybe if they see how down to earth everyone is, they'll start to view us in that light," Natalie said.

WAGS 105

Later, Autumn visited Sasha at her house with her twin girls to vent about the pressure of her husband playing football across the country in Philadelphia.

"You never understand the reason why things happen, but everything happens for a reason," Sasha told her. "I think once you settle and you're with him, everything will be a lot better because you'll be one happy family."

WAGS 105

After that, Natalie and Olivia Facetimed with their siblings to tell them the exciting news about the surprise trip to Mexico.

"We're thinking if the girls meet you guys, they can kind of get a vibe for where we come from and kind of explain why we are the way we are," Natalie said.

WAGS 105

Then, it was time to travel south of the border and get the party started!

Barbie also decided it was the perfect opportunity to look at wedding venues. She asked Autumn and Ashley to join her on her quest, but understandably Ashley was not interested.

"On one hand, I feel bad for Ashley, but on the other hand, this is my wedding and I'm excited about it," Barbie said. "I can't really hide the fact that I'm excited."

WAGS 105

Once Natalie and Olivia arrived at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun with their family and Nicole, the entire gang immediately hit up a tequila tasting. Yum! "I've only ever done wine tastings, so this is new to me," Natalie said. "This could get really messy and dangerous fast." LOL!

Meanwhile, Autumn accompanied Barbie to the lavish Le Blanc Spa Resort to scout out the potential wedding venue. "How much would it be if I wanted to rent out the whole place?" Barbie asked the manager.

"Approximately, $500,000," she told her. "That's perfect!" Barbie responded. Must be nice!

"I want to a cigar roller, blackjack table, craps table, a photo booth…," Barbie told Autumn. "I want to set my band up because Sheldon is friends with Dierks Bentley, the country singer, and he's going to perform at the wedding!"

Here comes the bride, indeed!

WAGS 105

Later on, all the girls donned their tiniest bikinis and met up with Natalie and Olivia's family for an extravagant, champagne-filled yacht ride. During the festivities, Barbie demonstrated one of her WWE moves on Olivia's brother, Brock! And after she pushed him the ground, she shook her butt in his face!

"The yacht was amazing," Barbie said. "It was so beautiful. I love being on the water. Champagne, sun—what more could you ask for?"

WAGS 105

Then, Shaun finally made his appearance in Mexico. But, he immediately ruffled some feathers with his controversial comments. When the conversation turned to religion and beliefs, Shaun told Natalie, "I am your Jesus Christ on this earth." And Autumn was not pleased.

"Because you provide for someone, you're someone's Jesus Christ?" Autumn said. "Faith is everything to me, so for someone to make a mockery of that, I don't think that's funny."

"Why can't I feel like I'm Jesus?" Shaun questioned.

"I don't know what he was drinking in that water in Mexico, but he sure came with some balls," Autumn said.

WAGS 105

Later that night, the drama escalated because Autumn was on her cell phone during dinner. "I'm getting mad," Shaun told Natalie. "I'm already on the verge of like cussing her out."

After dinner, Natalie visited Autumn in her room to chat about the events of the day. "I feel like it's my birthday and my family was here and you didn't really make an effort to get to know them," she said.

But Autumn snapped back and said, "I came out here and I left my kids. I came to support you for your birthday. That's ridiculous. Honestly, I can't. I just can't."

WAGS 105

Autumn also brought up her issues with Shaun's behavior. "Calling himself God, I don't find that funny," she said.

"Think about how crazy it is. Obviously, it's a joke," Natalie replied.

"I don't know what to do when your man comes at me crazy and that's bulls--t," Autumn responded. Ooh!

WAGS 105

After that awkward conversation, Natalie decided to focus on spending time with her family instead. So, naturally the evening ended with the whole gang jumping into the ocean—naked! Happy birthday, Natalie!

WAGS 105

The episode ended with Autumn reuniting with her husband, Seyi Ajirotutu, back in L.A. The lovebirds took a romantic stroll on the beach and had a heart-to-heart talk.

"This move is going to be a big move, but I know the kids will be alright because we have you," Seyi told her. "I love you for everything that you do for this family and I hope it goes without saying that you're the rocks to our foundation." Aww!

Don't miss an all-new episode of WAGS next Tuesday at 10PM on E!

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