Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton comes from a line of politicians, but that doesn't mean she's one.

Once the First Daughter, Chelsea is now a mom and an author. The 35-year-old appeared on Today Tuesday morning to talk about her new book, It's Your World, and opened up about life with daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky and her presidential candidate mother.

Although Hillary Clinton's campaign has hit a rough patch as of late, resulting in a decline in the polls, Chelsea remained positive. Talking to NBC's Savannah Guthrie, Chelsea said, "I'm not a pundit, I'm a daughter, and as I just said, I love and admire my mom."

"I know that she is talking about issues that are important to families across our country. I believe that is starting to resonate. I believe that as more and more Americans hear from her, they'll come to know why I'm so proud to be my mother's daughter, and even more why I'm so proud that my mother is my daughter's grandmother."

Savannah mentioned some of the words being used to describe Hillary, which included "dishonest" and "untrustworthy," but Bill Clinton's daughter maintained that her mother will make it out on top.

"Well, it is always surprising to me, because my mom is my hero and one of the people that I admire and love most in the world," she said, adding, "but I just continue to believe that as more people see more of her, they'll come to know why I believe so strongly why I believe she will make a great president and they'll reach the same conclusions."

Even though Bill once lived in the White House, Savannah noted that Hillary mentions granddaughter Charlotte more than Bill on the campaign trail. "I think that makes sense because campaigns are about the future," Chelsea responded. "They are about what we want to see our country become for our children, for our grandchildren, so I understand why Charlotte is really her north star in this race."

Politics aside, Hillary is a grandmother just like many other women, and Chelsea said it's so wonderful to see her mom take on another maternal role.

"It's the best. I didn't know it would be such a joy of parenting to see my parents as grandparents, but it really has been," she gushed. "I love watching my mom read to Charlotte, sing to her, support her quite literally, because as we were talking earlier, Charlotte is starting to stand and she's trying to learn how to talk and there's a lot of actual support, not just sort of figurative support and nurturing."

"I love seeing my mom as a grandmother," she added.

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