Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello's big day is just months away!

The Modern Family actress proudly showed off her engagement ring on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday, telling Jimmy Kimmel, "He knew exactly what I deserved." Manganiello is doing "great," she added. The stars got engaged over holiday in 2014 after just a few months of dating. "I told him when I met him that he was too handsome," she said. "But now I'm very grateful that I did went out with him."

"Are you careful about dating guys that are too handsome?" Kimmel asked, to which the Colombian-American actress replied, "At that point, yes, because I had just broken up with my ex [Nick Loeb]. I didn't want to go into a relationship with somebody that...I thought he was going to be too much work, because girls were throwing themselves at him. I'm like, 'Ay! No! Please, I want somebody norm.'"

Has Vergara actually witnessed women flirting with her fiancé?

"I've seen it," she told Kimmel, adding, "Girls don't care."

"I mean, have you seen him? I mean, I understand," she said. "I don't judge them."

Men often hit on Vergara, but never in front of Manganiello.

"Are you kidding me? she asked, noting that he's 6-foot-5 and "very strong."

"When he was here last time, his pectoral muscles were moving on their own accord," Kimmel said. Vergara asked the TV host, "Why were you looking at that?"

"I couldn't help it! They just were there. They were lurching at me. They were twitching. It was if somebody had hooked electrodes to them. You know what I mean!" Kimmel said. "You've seen it happen, yes?" Of course Vergara has.

Vergara said she and Manganiello are "very excited" to tie the knot.

"We'll kind of keep it a little private, but it's been kind of impossible because people have been very excited in my family," the actress said, noting that it "was very hard" to trim the guest list down to 400 people. "We said, 'Two hundred for you, two hundred for me,' but my 200 is like family, so I couldn't invite many of my friends...The truth is that he gave me some of his, because I was in trouble. There were people from work that I needed to bring."

The entire Modern Family cast will be in attendance, she added.

"[Ed O'Neill] is already ready," Vergara said. "He's very excited."

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