Someone was NOT having it tonight ????

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Ladies and gentleman, this is Kanye West. Kanye West at Fashion Week, to be exact.

What you are looking at above is a rarer-than-rare sighting. You probably don't even believe your eyes.

That's because Kanye West doesn't do Fashion Week like the average Joe. Kanye West does Fashion Week with private jets, private cars, private entrances, private parties and private nannies. Kanye West does Fashion Week with only the most exclusive and renowned designers. Kanye West throws Fashion Week shows and parties in which he only invites the most exclusive and renowned guests. Kanye West drops out of the sky, lands on the island of Manhattan and declares it His, other designers or program organizers be damned.

Kanye West does Fashion Week by showing collections with ripped tights that cost hundreds of dollars and ripped sweatshirts that cost hundreds more. Kanye West sits front row, and Kanye West is best friends with every model in every show. If he's not best friends with them, he's related to them. Kanye West knows everyone else in the front row, but he does not speak to them unless they're Anna Wintour. 

This is Kanye West's Fashion Week.

Until this weekend. 

This weekend, Kanye West was a man of the people. This weekend, Kanye West was the Bernie Sanders of New York City warehouses-turned-runways. This weekend, Kanye West was a populist hero, who decided he would no longer sit idly by while the powers that be run Fashion Week into the ground with their greed and their partisan politics.

Just like you, me, and everyman, Kanye West is sick of this s--t. Kanye West just wants to go home, get into his pajamas, and eat Domino's in bed like the exhausted recluse that he is we all are. He's been running ragged pretending to give a crap about stuff like whether Gigi Hadid will close out the Tommy Hilfiger show or whose use of prints was the most subversive. 

So instead, Kanye West dared to do what we all want to do. Kanye West took a d--n nap, without a care for the surrounding photographers or Nicki Minaj or the adoring public. 

And d--nit, he deserved it.

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