Hush little baby don't you cry, but Ronda Rousey may just kick your butt in the ring.

The UFC fighter headed to the Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday afternoon to meet her favorite talk-show host. Before the mutual love fest began, however, the Olympian had to show off her signature moves.

Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, Rousey began to demonstrate some of the routines on an unsuspecting staff member. The results are pretty hysterical.

"Let's go in the cage together," the 28-year-old shared with Andy Lassner who quickly realized he was in for a big surprise. From the "Arm Bars" move to basic hip-throwing, Rousey showed no mercy.

Ronda Rousey

Ellen DeGeneres Show

"He's actually trying to fight you [back]," Ellen joked. "Yah, okay," Rousey replied.

While her moves may make Rousey the highest paid fighter in the UFC, the champion explained that she has quite the emotional side.

"I'm the biggest crier especially fight week when I'm about to fight. I'm the most emotional," she shared while promoting her book My Fight/Your Fight. "Like my last fight, I totally cried the day before."

She continued, "You're so amped up and every emotion you could possibly have happens during that week."

From anxiety and stress to pressure and happiness, Rousey has experienced it all. As a result, you're bound to get a little teary-eyed away from your competitors.

"It's all these things and sometimes you can't hold it in," she admitted. "It's gotta leak somewhere so why not your eyes."

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