SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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It's been a little over 2 months since the Supreme Court passed a ruling that made gay marriage legal in all 50 states. You remember that day, right? There was a wonderful celebration of love and acceptance across the Internet. Couples who had been together for over 40 years could have their union recognized as a marriage. Finally, everyone in America had the same legal right to marry the person they loved.

Of course, there were people who disagreed with this decision, which is hard to understand because two people getting married shouldn't impact anyone but the people tying the knot. How does it honestly, truly change how you live your life now that marriage is a right for everyone?

So when reddit asked its users how the legalization of gay marriage affected their lives, we were very interested in the responses. This was a chance to hear from the American people about how their lives have changed. People from all over the U.S. gave their honest answer, so if you really want to know how gay marriage is affecting people, just check out these heartfelt and hilarious responses:

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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"I got to go to Santa Fe with my whole family and see my grandmas get married! They got married on their 40th anniversary." —feministaryastark1

"I make way more jokes about my brother in law settling down with a nice Jewish boy."—Freebasegravy

"My gold-digging efforts have gone from looking for only rich women to also looking for rich men."—ratbut

"As an organist, I've made lots of extra money playing for gay weddings. It's been wonderful for the couples and my profession."—Back2Bach

"My family bought a new TV! My dad is the rabbi for a congregation with lots of LGBT couples, they've been together for decades but just finally got the right to make it official so my dad's been officiating lots lately!"—shirshine

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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"I was told by Fox News that we were all going to be forced into gay marriages. I'm still waiting for my free gay marriage coupon to come in the mail. Maybe they lost my address?"—tosseracct4

"I have to come up with a new excuse as to why I don't want to get married now that ‘I won't get married until everyone can' is out."—WTF_ARE_YOU_ODIN

"I got to celebrate the wedding of my sister and her wife, so that was a pretty fun time."—mattreyu

"It hasn't rained in months. People are suffering days without water. Crops are dying. Cows are dying. Oh wait. That's El Nino. It hasn't."—ilovevitaminD

"My parents finally were able to get married."—batontouch

"As a wedding photographer a whole new market has opened up for me!"—Faerook


SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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"Made me get ordained, I'll marry the s--t out of anyone!"—Not_Kenny_Rogers_

"I was able to get married, so that is a plus."—Flick1981

 "I now get to see my close friend, who is a lesbian, be happily married to her long-time girlfriend. I got to eat cake. It was awesome."—sinningsaint93

"I am not affected what so ever. Just like every heterosexual person out there, I have no reason to say anything. Everyone deserves equality and this is just one more step to making things better."—edeninmypantsgirl

"It is nice knowing I can daydream about my wedding like other girls do without having to worry about it being legal or not."—AskMeAboutMyFish

"As a married straight guy, I can say that it has generally made me happier."—p2p_editort

"I do a lot of musical theater, so a few of my friends are now engaged and I get to go to some nice weddings with an open bar. All in all, it's been pretty good so far."—angela_bee

"Got married after waiting 20 years."—nenequesadilla

SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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"It forced me to block several relatives on Facebook, for constantly posting bible verses, and saying how the world was now going to end."—Shaw-Deez

"I got to stand next to my sister, as her maid of honor, and watch her legally marry her best friend. And now I have 2 sisters."—Dinos_ftw

"I have a few friends who are now much happier because they can formally and legally become a family. Personally, it has not impacted me much however it does make me all warm and fuzzy to see the people I care about happy."—InspectorVII 

"I got to marry my wife. We have been together for over half of our lives, but we met in kindergarten…Look, marriage may not be important to everyone, but it was important to us. I love her, she loves me, and our relationship is no less than anyone else's. I'm accepted as part of her life, and she's accepted as part of mine."—Imf--kingexhausted

So basically, if marriage equality affects you, it probably means you can now get married which is really important or you can now see someone you love get married. There is no downside!

We love this reddit thread. It makes us feel warm and cozy inside. It's probably the only reddit thread we love more than this one.

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