Not a Princess


Little Joanna didn't start out a princess. Any idea why?

No sparkly bracelets, no sparkly headband, and no fancy dress-up dress.

Honestly JoJo, we totally feel you, and the struggle for all of us aspiring princesses is real.

In this super-cute viral video JoJo informs her dad that he can't call her a princess if she doesn't have the hookup on some fabulous regal wear.

Another interesting princess fact we learn? Apparently they don't take showers. Who knew?

We have to give JoJo some credit here. She presents her argument with several pieces of supporting evidence to her cameraman dad. She also has the guts to tell him he's not a monarch either.

"I'm a king," says dad.

"No, you're not. You're a dad," responds JoJo.

Even Katy Perry wants to make sure this girl gets what she rightfully deserves!

Luckily there is a happily ever after, as it turns out Joanna has since received a new dress and a bracelet and is now daddy's little princess.

Something tells us this isn't the first or the last time JoJo's found a way to charm her way into some new duds!

Speaking of adorable royalty, find out how the stars align for the newest member of the royal family, Princess Charlotte...

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