The only thing worse than a sh--ty breakup is Nickelback music.

So if you're having an especially difficult time moving on from that guy that broke your heart, the friendly folks over at Lady Products are here to help.

In their hilarious new video they've debuted a dream app, Nickelblock, which plays awful Nickelback songs if you try to Facebook stalk or contact your ex.

Instead of letting you reminisce on the positives of that douche who dumped you, the app makes you associate his stupid face with songs like "Photograph." Because, let's face it, your ex-boyfriend is just as horrible as the song "Photograph" by Nickelback.

Don't worry about building up an immunity to just one annoying song by the bandthey have a discography as extensive as they are bad.

Just beware of becoming an actual Nickelback fan.

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