Jamie Chung

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If there's a belle of the New York Fashion Week ball, hands down, it's Jamie Chung. The bride-to-be, who will be marrying fiancé Bryan Greenberg Halloween weekend, has been breathlessly making the rounds from show to show and party to party.

E! News caught up with the Once Upon a Time actress at the NYFW SS16 Panasonic Beauty Bar, where she sipped CORE water and spilled some of the beans about her Big Day including what she might wear to the costume party they're throwing the night before.

That's right, instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, Jamie and Bryan are doing it Halloween-style!

"We're embracing the fact that [the wedding] is on that weekend," Chung told E! News. "We're going to have fun with it."

As for who or what she's dressing up as, she's going old school... as in back to 1989.

"I was thinking about being a Red Feather," she told us. "All my bridesmaids and I, Red Feathers."

That's right, it's a Troop Beverly Hills reference! "Women know exactly what I'm talking about," Chung noted. "Men do not. But we'll all be in those uniforms. Maybe. I still have to check with my girlfriends."

And her hubby to be? "I have no idea," she confessed. "His costumes are pretty easy though. One year he went as the Brawny man. He grew out his beard and carried around paper towels."

Jamie Chung, NYFW

Joslyn Blair | Joico Haircare

As for any pre-wedding stress, Chung is showing no signs.

Thanks to her New York Fashion Week partnership with Joico and celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton, her tresses looked fabulous. And she was calm as a cucumber to boot.

"I've gotten so much great advice and it was just go with the flow and don't fight anything," she shared. "I was never the type to get crazy about my own wedding. I just think it's going to be a fun time."

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