Here comes the bride?

Paige might not be ready for marriage, but it seems like her boyfriend Kevin definitely is! She suspects he might propose, so in an exclusive clip from tonight's Total Divas episode, WWE Diva Emma helps her search their apartment for evidence of an engagement ring.

"If there's a ring, it's going to hidden," Emma says. "It's not going to be somewhere obvious."

The girls start looking in the living room and kitchen, but with zero success.

"I don't think he would hide it in the kitchen," Steven, Paige's roommate, says.

"Where then? I don't want to go through his s--t, unless you give me permission," Emma says to Paige.

"You can go through his s--t," Paige replies.

Then, the real hunt begins. Emma searches every corner in Paige and Kevin's bedroom, including under the mattress, in the flower vase and in the drawers!

"Emma is having a field day right now," Paige jokes. "She's like the crocodile hunter."

As Emma opens one drawer, she stumbles across a little black box! But alas, it turns out to be a big, gold coin!

"Kevin is a coin collector, which is so weird because I never knew that he was so into coins," Paige says. "It's just weird what you find. I'm so glad it wasn't worse though."

Still determined, Emma takes a peek in the closet. "There's no point looking anymore," Paige tells her. Not so fast!

Moments later, Steven randomly discovers another black box in a jacket pocket! Watch the clip above to see Paige's reaction!

Don't miss an all-new Total Divas Sunday at 6PM on E!

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