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Back by popular demand, it's How to Dress Like a Street Style Star!

The adoring public has been begging—nay, demanding—for more fashion tips after our extremely popular tutorial inspired by the Fall/Winter shows back in February. Well say no more, aspiring style stars, because fashion's biggest names are back in the Big Apple and that means more breathtaking outfits to copy.

The who's who of the world have flocked to Manhattan to see the latest looks from the biggest designers, but also to show off their latest looks. Because if you can't use Fashion Week to show off how fab you are, then what is it good for? But don't be disappointed if you didn't get an invite this time around—thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can become a sartorial star in your own right. Instagram was practically invented for the purpose of reminding all of your followers that you are bangin'. 

First, though, you have to dress the part. We've been scouring this season's shows and after-parties to cull the latest and greatest trends, and the result is the only outfit guide you need. Simply follow all of these rules and you'll be on your way to street style fame. 

1. Fashion Week in September is hot (like, boiling) so dress appropriately for the temperature. You don't want to show up to that after-party in the basement of a laundromat with (gasp) sweat stains. Nothing more than a loin cloth and some nipple tassels are needed.

2. BUT it's also Fall now. A new season calls for new trends, and you'll want to show off all your new of-the-moment pieces that you just bought instead of paying rent and bills. That means fur, fur, fur, 90-degree heat and 80% humidity be damned. 

3. This time around, there's no snow or salt to be found at Fashion Week. Celebrate by going bats--t crazy with your shoes! It's the one time of year that it's okay to be a foot taller than you actually are. Better yet, do you have a pair of stilts?

4.This year there are tons of new designers at Fashion Week. To celebrate this theme of inclusiveness, channel one of the first-timer tent-goers with your outfit. You'll be stylish and timely. Might we suggest Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad

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5. Did you know that the 90s are back? The best way to achieve this look is to dress as though it's your very first day of kindergarten. So high fashion.

Alexa Chung

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6. In New York City, the natural elements are always a factor. This season, that means not just the heat, but rain. BUT the true fashionista does not prepare; her phone doesn't even support the Weather Channel app. Dare to go umbrella-less, because there's nothing chicer than being caught in a downpour. 

7. Mixed prints. They've been hot before, and they're hot now. If you've styled them correctly, it should make your acquaintances wonder, "Hmm...was she dressed by a group of preschool children?"

Photo duty: darling @miumiu details on set uptown @tinaleung @palomarosegarcia @nadinemonley ??

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8. Layer, layer, layer. But we're not talking just the timeless coat-over-tops variety. Yawn! You should aim to wear as many unnecessary items of clothing as humanly possible. Skirt over pants? Good. Skirt over pants and extra bra over shirt? Better.

9. Sneakers-as-fashion are not going anywhere. But there are so many varieties out there—Stan Smiths, Yeezys, the classic Nike. It's impossible to know which is the trendiest. Genius idea: Do you still have that pair you used to mow the lawn in high school? Bingo.

10. You may be tempted to wear figure-hugging bodycon to show off you well-earned bikini bod and show that you are so youthful you're basically still in the womb, but show restraint. This fall is all about volume. You should be able to fit several other humans into all pieces. 

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