Just a month after giving birth to her second child, Jaime King dropped jaws after being photographed for the first time post-pregnancy.

The 36-year-old actress—who welcomed her baby boy, James Knight, with husband Kyle Newman on July 16—looks beyond amazing, as if she never even had a baby in the first place!

So when E! News caught up with King at New York Fashion Week, we had to ask about her secret for getting her figure back so quick.

"I think genetics is part of it," she explained. "And I think being a mom of a 22-month-old and a 7-week-old, you're just consistently running around chasing after your child and you never even have a minute to just stop. I think that's a really big thing—my participating in my children's lives."

Jaime King, NYFW

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Her new little one is not only lucky to have a hot mom like King, he's also super #blessed in that his Godmother is none other than Taylor Swift.

Speaking about her bond with the "Wildest Dreams" singer and their large group of girlfriends, the Heart of Dixie actress says their relationship formed naturally.

"I think we're trying to—not even trying to—I think it naturally happened," King explains before adding, "where a group of women became friends from all different walks of life or different parts of entertainment, where we just naturally support each other.

She continues, "We all have a very feminist belief that it's all equality. It's equality for every race, breed, color, situation, circumstance, gender…for everything. And there's no competition because all it is is yourself. Are you doing your excellence within yourself?"

King says her and Swift's squad are all striving for excellence, and together they're helping support not only themselves, but girls everywhere in seeing and learning what it means to encourage one another.

"It's great having that support and putting that out there into the world," she says, adding, "especially at a time where it's like the wild west—where everybody feels like they can just tear each other down anonymously on social media."

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