Tim Cook, Apple Watch

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

At this point, Apple execs could stroll onstage at their big events, hold up literally anything, put the word "Apple" or "I" in front of it, and people will lose their s--t over it.

"Here is an empty box of wine with a paper clip shoved in it! It's the iWine! $599.99!"

[People start screeching and sobbing with joy]

"I will just punch you all in the face and call it Apple Knuckles! $1,029.99!"

[People faint and line up with checkbooks.]

"Put those checkbooks away! No one pays with checks anymore! Here is a cracker that has an Apple sticker on it. No stores will accept it but it's called iMoney! Starting at $39,999.999 for a 12-month plan!"

[Heads explode. Tim Cook ascends into the air and high-fives Jesus.]

And that, you guys, is what really happens in the audience at an Apple event. Or you could just watch this video above created by Someecards and you'll get the idea. It's Oprah's Favorite Things meets Apple and it would be completely ridiculous if it weren't so damn accurate.

And it's also an excuse to use our all-time favorite GIF:

Oprah Bees GIF

Next Apple event: the iBee.

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