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Whose ready for a JoJo comeback?! 

Well, technically, it's not a comeback since the now 24-year-old singer never stopped releasing music, although a multi-year lawsuit with her former record label prevented the "Too Little Too Late" stunner from releasing a third album and moving forward with her career.

But now with the record label drama in the rear view mirror, JoJo is finally getting ready to debut her new album, and less than a month ago, she dropped three new singles, or a "Tringle" as she calls it, as a preview to her forthcoming project. 

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"It's eclectic…you'll hear a lot of different things that influence me," JoJo tells E! News of her third album. "I wanted to make sure there was a blend of instruments and more modern production because I wanted something that felt classic but still being a bit forward.

"It's about love and all it can be," she continued. "The good times, the bad times, romantic love, self-love, sexual love and everything in between."   

JoJo's "Tringle" is comprised of the singles "Say Love," "Save My Soul," and "When Love Hurts," and she shared during our chat that "Save My Soul" is about "addiction."

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"It's from the perspective of the addict to whatever they feel powerless to," she explained. "I have the serenity prayer tattooed around my wrist because I grew up experiencing addiction very close to me and of course it affected me. And I've felt powerless to things to, whether it was my previous label situation or a relationship."

JoJo has no plans to stop making music and she admires women in the industry who have had lengthy, influential careers. 

"Definitely Beyonce for the way that she's come from a girl group and transitioned into one of the most powerful people in the world…and now she's a mother and a wife and I really respect that balance that she's found," she shared when asked who she looks up to in the business. "Jennifer Lopez…I love her success story."

As for whom she'd like to work with?

"There's so many. Kendrick Lamar I think is really important for my generation so I would love to work with," she said. 

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Takin it back to my first VMA red carpet in 2004 when I was a little tiny baby pumpkin (13!)

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The Voice is another project on JoJo's radar as the musician, who has been singing professionally since age of 6 (!), believes she has a lot to offer to aspiring artists. 

"I would love to do something like that…I would just love to mentor kids…" she shared. "I would love to make a difference in young people's lives and kind of share some of things I've been through. But even just from a creative standpoint, I think I would have some good things to offer."

Now that JoJo finally has the freedom to create new music, she says, "I don't want to stop putting things out."

"I want to work harder than I ever have and I want to project that you can face adversity and triumph over things that seem impossible," the "Leave" singer revealed. "And you can also not be jaded or angry on the other side of it…I just want to lead with love."

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