Life is good when you're Brooklyn Beckham, but life is really good when you're Brooklyn Beckham on Instagram.

Because when you're Brooklyn Beckham on Instagram (make that @brooklynbeckham), you have 4.2 million followers. You're posting a picture of the Eiffel Tower out your Parisian window one day and close-up pictures of Kanye West at the VMAs the next. Even a run-of-the-mill snap of you petting your dog nets you 340,000 likes.

But as it turns out, you don't have to be the son of Britain's second-most royal couple to have a feed like Brooklyn's—because he's sharing his infinite wisdom with the world. As part of his recently-unveiled cover for the October issue of Miss Vogue he made a video called Brooklyn Beckham's Guide to Instagram, otherwise known as Our New Iron Clad Rules for Instagram. 

What's even better is that they're totally doable; all it takes is a little bit of self-restraint. Of course the real question here is whether Brooklyn himself follows his own rules. Since this team is hopelessly devoted to his Instagram, we never pass up an opportunity for stalking. Ahead are each of his rules and our fact check.

1. No selfie destruction. Brooklyn wants you to keep your face (mostly) out of it.

As tempting as it must be for mini Becks to remind his followers of his beauty on an hourly basis, he also throws in a whole lot of other images, like artsy shots of his current whereabouts and even the Queen. And we know Liz don't do selfies.

Our Queen . What a strong and amazing woman , makes us so proud to be English ????

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2. Don't ask people to follow you. Brooklyn wants you to have a little bit of pride, man.

This is obvious; Someone with 4.2 million followers does not need to go around begging.

3. No selfie sticks. Brooklyn is just as strict as Disney World.

But of course BK is only human and has to give the people what they want (his face) some of the time. And as discovered via many, many minutes of scrolling, he never employs a selfie stick. Strategically placed mirrors, yes but never a selfie stick.


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4. Go easy on the filters. Brooklyn says to let your natural beauty shine through! This is probably easier when you are a Beckham.

The filter check is a little bit harder—is black and white considered a filter? If so, we've got a first class rule violator on our hands. But on second thought, we know Brooklyn has himself one fancy-ass DSLR for his colorless shots. Point Becks.


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5. Have fun. Brooklyn wants to see the real you. And for the real you to realize you'll never have as much fun as a Beckham.

Does Brooklyn Beckham have fun? You be the judge.

*write a caption*

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Rolling around with @jackramsay1999

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#thisisnotacrossing. @iamjamesmcvey

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