McDonald's Resturant, Golden Arches


This is important breaking news that demands your full attention so everyone please remain calm and line up in front of your computer monitors/smart phones in an orderly fashion. No shoving! Stop pushing! REMAIN CALM AND DO NOT PANIC.

Ready? OK, McDonald's kind of sort of basically failed to highlight a pretty big detail about their all-day breakfast situation. What's the detail?

That breakfast menu that's going to be available all day? It's not even the full breakfast menu! And depending on where you live, you might not get certain items all-day at all!


We were so thrilled when McDonald's finally gave in and announced they would offer all-day breakfast starting Oct. 6 that we totally missed the word "limited" in the press release. Look, when we're drooling over the idea of hash browns at 7 p.m., our reading comprehension goes out the window. You can blame us. Or you can blame McDonald's for breaking our hearts in the first place.

"Depending on the local market, All Day Breakfast will have a limited menu that focuses on either McMuffin or Biscuit items," said the release. "This decision is made at the local level based on customer preference." 

It's like one step forward and two steps back, ya know?

So the all day breakfast menu will only have either McMuffin or Biscuit sandwiches (not both!), pancakes, sausage burritos, yogurt and oatmeal. McGriddles and bagels? Nope. The Big Breakfast? Not after 10:30 a.m. And hash browns? That may or may not be available all-day. Again, it depends on your location.

So basically, McDonald's was all like: "All day breakfast and it will be dreams come true and no strings attached!"

And now we're all like:

Still, we suppose it's better than nothing. Beggars can't be choosers after all.

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