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Attention all die-hard Harry Potter fans: there's a bar dedicated to you and your love for J.K. Rowling, magic and wizardry!

Yes, a Harry Potter-themed bar has opened in Toronto, and it's everything.

Known as The Lockhart, the magical place features drinks like "The Shacklebolt" and "Ludo's Debt." A neon heart sign with the famous last words in Rowling's series, "All was well," hangs on the wall along with a hidden Deathly Hallows sign. Easter eggs are scattered throughout the décor, the bar itself is designed to look like a modern apothecary and a small collection of Harry Potter POP! dolls brings it all together.

Co-owner of the bar, Paris Xerx, told Now Toronto, "Without knowing any of the Harry Potter stuff, you already will think of this as a cool bar. You'd come here and see the stag's head on the wall and go 'Wow, I love that,' but a Harry Potter fan might say 'That's a Patronus.'" multi-page cocktail list filled with carefully created "potions and elixirs" as well as brews and infusions. For example, the aforementioned Shacklebolt is their take on a classic dark and stormy, featuring homemade ginger beer and Gosling rum infused with 10 different spices. And yes, the menu will also include Butterbeer…just as soon as they figure out a name for it that isn't already copyrighted.

Of course this isn't the only good news for Harry Potter fans lately. Earlier this summer, Rowling announced that her HP stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will open in London's West End beginning in the summer of 2016.

The play will tell the "untold part" of the boy wizard's story, including the lives of his murdered parents, James and Lily Potter.

Though some HP fans were disappointed Rowling didn't pen a book instead of a play, she promised it was the only means for telling Harry's childhood story.

She tweeted, "I am confident that when audiences see the play they will agree it was the only proper medium for the story #CursedChild."

Can't wait!

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