Caitlyn Jenner remains mum about her dating preferences, when it comes to a potential partner's sex.

in an interview that aired this week, months after the 65-year-old Olympian and I Am Cait star began transitioning from a man to a woman, NBC's Today show's Matt Lauer asked her if she is "attracted to one type of person over another."

"Honestly, I just don't even know that," Caitlyn replied. "I don't even want to go there right now. I'm just happy living myself. I have no idea what the future holds. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I just want to enjoy myself right now."

Caitlyn, who was married to three women, most recently Kris Jenner, 59, has not revealed her sexuality as a transgender woman. The reality star had also replied vaguely when asked about dating on The Ellen DeGeneres show recently, saying, she would like to find a new partner in life to share her life with.

"I want a lot of great friends that I can share my life with and that's important to me," Caitlyn told Lauer. "Certainly that love and compassion, I have no idea what that would be in the future but I'm kind of open to anything."

Caitlyn spoke to Lauer over a game of golf, one of her favorite pastimes.

"The question has been, 'Playing with boobs,'" Caitlyn joked.

"And can we say, for the record, you brought boobs up?" Lauer said.

"I did," Caitlyn replied. "As far as the full swing, I really haven't noticed any difference, OK? Where they are at advantage is putting." 

In the interview, Caitlyn also talked about the multi-vehicle crash she was in earlier this year that claimed the life of a woman.

She also spoke about the anxiety she felt after undergoing plastic surgery earlier this year to make her face look more feminine, echoing similar comments she made to Vanity Fair that were printed on June 1, in a cover story in which she revealed her female name and look.

"I had a hard time waking up and I had a massive panic attack," she told Lauer. "I'd never had anything like that in my life. It was, like, so scary. My heart was just pounding and this and that. In my head, when I shut my eyes, it was just, like, 'My God, what did you just do?' Because that surgery kind of passed the point of no return. I turned the TV on, I had to get distracted."

Caitlyn also said she has no regrets about transitioning.

" just want my family to be OK," she said. "All of that stuff takes time. You transition, your whole family goes through this...They've been a blessing in my life, you know, and you don't want anything to hurt them, and you wonder, 'Are you doing the right thing?' You know, living your true self. And everybody handles it differently."

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