Key and Peele

Danny Feld/Comedy Central

This was a hard one to say goodbye to. 

It felt like the end of Key and Peele totally snuck up on us, and we were not prepared. We're still not prepared, even though we have now seen how it all ends: with one last, sweet, "biiiiiiiitch," right before the guys drive off into the sunset back to wherever it is they came from when they started their little True Detective homage at the start of this season. 

In five short seasons, Key and Peele, starring Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key, gave us new vocabulary words, new, hilarious ways to talk about cultural issues, and especially new methods of finding out who our true friends are. We'll never be able to talk about Liam Neesons again without that S at the end, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Tonight's final episode gave us one final look into the lives of Meegan and Andre, who are miraculously still together. Andre did try to put an end to their relationship, but Meegan shut that down in the way only Meegan could. 

Otherwise, it was a finale filled with a straight hour of sketches, new and old, about a variety of topics: Ray Parker, Deez Nuts, riding on planes, and, most spectacularly, a musical about a magical utopia called Negrotown where police brutality on a basis of race simply doesn't exist. 

Our hearts, however, will always belong with "I Said Bitch." It was the show's first sketch, and in a way, its last. Watch the last moments of Key and Peele below. 

Now, go back in time and watch the original "I Said Bitch." Or, just click play below and watch it there. It's a good time, and you'll never be able to stop whispering "I said, biiiitch" to all your best friends (as long as your wife isn't listening). 

You can watch another clip from the finale below: 

Thank you, Key and Peele. May you forever drax them sklounst, wherever you may go. 

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