Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk


For Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, life truly has been a beach. Or one makeout sesh after another beneath a city streetlamp.

Seriously, these two hotties just can't keep their hands off each other—and that's just in public!

They were first linked in April, not long after Shayk detached from soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo after five years together and barely a month after Cooper broke up with longtime girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. So...

Hottest rebound ever or is this a sustainable situation? Or both?!

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, Kissing

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The vibe is undeniably off the charts, with a source telling us all the way back in May that the chemistry between the Oscar-nominated actor and the mega-model was "crazy" hot and they were spending oodles of time together.

But still we wondered whether their insta-coupling was more the result of good timing and geographical trickery than the beginning of a built-to-last romance. Because while it can take most real-life couples months to decide if they're ready to drive up the coast for a weekend away, let alone purchase plane tickets together, celebs are used to being in New York one day and on another continent the next.

"It was so great to meet you here in NYC...oh, you have to be in Australia for the next three months? What do you know, my schedule's clear, I'll join you. Or I'll fly out there every weekend. Or we can get engaged and figure out the rest later. In the meantime, I'll wear rings on all my fingers and confuse people."

That's how the famous roll. So taking in a Broadway show one day and making out in London the next isn't necessarily a sign of seriousness.

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, PDA


But things have certainly taken a turn for the real-world serious of late.

Over Labor Day weekend, Cooper and Shayk spent quality time with his mom (and favorite award show date) Gloria, and we're told that Shayk really adores Gloria and they "get along great."

And we're thinking, considering how close Coop is with Mom, that's important to him.

So maybe these two aren't just eye candy. A source did tell us after Cooper, 40, and Waterhouse, 23, broke up in March that he was ready to start a family and it was Suki who wasn't there yet. Shayk, 29, presumably wasn't with Ronaldo for five years because she wasn't interested in settling down at some point.

Chemistry's something, but timing is everything.

The real test of their staying power could be in the immediate future. They were just in Atlantic City and there could definitely be more togetherness time on tap in New York, where Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow. But soon Cooper's going to have to hit the road in support of his bad-boy-chef-needs-to-make-good drama Burnt, in theaters Oct. 23, so we'll see what happens once they're no longer in immediate kissing distance.

In the meantime, though, you can't dispute that these two appear to be having a terrific time together. Take a look back at the their steamy romance so far!

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