New Emojis

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Raise those praise hands because new emoji's are finally here!  

While some people were freaking out about Apple's new fancy schmancy pencil, others were gawking over the long list of emoji's found in the forthcoming iOS 9.1.

Can you freakin' believe it? Our beloved taco is finally here! 

But before we make Taco Tuesday a seven days a week kind of thing (oh wait, too late), we have to acknowledge some of the other gems that have surfaced for our iPhones and mobile devices.

Without further ado, may we present to you the 12 best emoji's we can only hope our coming ASAP!

12. Every New Sport: Even if you don't know what channel ESPN is, we're all going to be talking sports when the Olympics start up next year. We're now totally prepared.
11. Chains: The next time you're blasting Nick Jonas' "Chains," you know just what to type.
10. Squirrel: For every time you wake up at 3 a.m. to the annoying creature shifting through your garbage. Turkeys > squirrels!
9. Hot Dog: While we'd totally approve of a bacon-wrapped hot dog, we'll happily take this food group staple for all of our BBQs…or when we want to call someone a wiener.
8. Tickets: Need some last-minute Taylor Swift concert tickets? Perhaps you want access into the hot new club. It's safe to say you'll totally need the "Admit One" emoji.
7. Island: If you're ever watching Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen's Island in the Sun, iPhone's got you covered.

6. Table Setting: Whether you're having a fancy dinner party, date night, or just chowing down on Mexican food (insert new taco emoji here), you're going to need a fork and knife to enjoy.
5. Satellite: For all of the times your cable provider decided to stop working in the middle of your favorite show. Curse you satellite!
4. Champagne: Whether popping bottles during Sunday brunch, kicking off the weekend in style or celebrating Thirstday Thursday, this emoji really will end up being useful 24-7.
3. Crabs: Yes! For all those times we were in Maryland and just wanted some good crab to eat. If you're not on the East Coast, how about for every time you wish you were at the Krabby Patty on Spongebob Squarepants. Done and done!
2. Tacos: Do we need to explain ourselves? Show us one person who doesn't like tacos and we'll show you a hundred who will meet us at Taco Bell in five.
1. Unicorns: Because everyone deserves more unicorns in their life, okay?!

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