Drunk History Wedding Parody


It's like When Harry Met Sally... but with Instagram comments, nerdy comedy shows, and a magician in a bow tie.

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins wanted to share their unique love story at their wedding rehearsal dinner, and they decided to do it with a booze-filled parody of the Comedy Central show Drunk History.

What follows is an epic tale of a photographer (Jillian) shooting a magician (Justin) at a few Los Angeles events, with the turning point in their relationship being a very shortand hilariousInstagram comment. (Yes, you can start a relationship from an impulsive Instagram comment!)

In the video, the real-life couple gets sloshed as they recount their courtship, while actors lip sync their words and act out the story.

All it takes is a little liquid courage, and the drunk duo shares every detail of their hilarious story togethercomplete with a couple F-bombs, of course.

It's impossible to watch it without falling in love with these adorable newlyweds (and their pups!) Congrats to Justin and Jill!

And kudos on bringing the bow tie back for the nuptials...

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