Watch out, George Clooney is coming for that Oscar!

The celebrated actor and director had the honor of being Stephen Colbert's first guest ever on The Late Show, stopping by Colbert's debut episode on Tuesday night, even though he didn't have any projects to promote. So he and Colbert made one up, of course. And they had three hilarious action and sex-filled clips to gift us with.

The movie? An action-thriller called Decision Strike. Clooney's character? Tough no-nonsense Secretary General of the U.N. The plot? The whole world is on the brink of destruction and Clooney's character is the only one who can stop it. 

All of the clips were very intense—his character is saving the world, come on!—but that doesn't mean there wasn't time for romance in the movie.

"Not now, I'm making love to a woman, it's very romantic," Clooney said in one of the clips, before pointing to a sock on the door. Of the sexy clip, Clooney explained to Colbert, "Sex sells." He then boasted that he does all of his own sex scenes, bragging, "I do all my own sex!"

But Tom Cruise better watch out because Clooney also showed off his impressive stunt skills, filming a scene hanging off the side of an airplane. Watch the clip below and prepare to laugh.

Impressed by the direction? You should be, as Clooney was. He also wrote it!

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