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Perfume: Spray a little here, dab some there and go, right? Well, contrary to how straightforward fragrance application may seem, the way you're doing it may not be the most effective.

While applying a bit on your neck works, all those heavenly notes probably won't last as long as you'd like. Instead, get more bang for your buck and longer wear out of Katy Perry's latest scented potion, Rihanna's eau de parfum or whatever your choice of celeb fragrance with these tips.

Tout Smelly Hair: Aromas hold on to fibers, which is why your hair and clothing often smell of your previous meal. Give your hair the fragrance treatment and spritz your perfume onto a brush and then gently comb through your hair. Try not to spray your hair directly—you don't want to overwhelm the nose, after all.

Remember Those Pulse Points: The pulse points on your body—including behind the ears, wrists, inside elbows and back of the knee—radiate the most heat, which will help activate your fragrance. Pick one or two points to apply a small amount of your scent. Liv Tyler, for instance, prefers her underarms and belly button. "My dad taught me that—if you put it where you heat up, the smell stays with you," she told Into the Gloss.

Shower and Spritz: Most wait until they are almost out the door before applying a fragrance, but post-shower, when your pores are open, might be a more effective time. Just dry off with a towel, spray and let your skin absorb the scent. The added bonus? Your clothes won't touch any alcohol content in the fragrance, which could damage or stain those duds.

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