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We never thought this was advice we'd have to give, but here goes: Never bring a Drake sign to a Meek Millconcert.

It seems elementary but yet here we are issuing the reminder because someone did just that: They brought a Drake sign to a Meek Mill concert. We'll pause for a moment of palm-to-forehead action.

The event in question went down yesterday at the Fool's Gold Day Off festival in Brooklyn. Meek was onstage doing his thing (rapping, obviously) when he noticed an errant poster in the audience that most certainly did not belong. Once he spotted the ballsy pro-Drizzy propaganda he went off on the fan.

"Put that Drake sign up again," he dared the concertgoer, before he launched into an expletive-laden tirade.

"F--k you talking about, you f--kin' clown. Don't ever come in here and f--kin' play on Meek Milly, trying to pick on me like I'm a f--kin' dweeb or something," he yelled over the mic, before promising to "whoop your a-- in here tonight." Yikes. 

Meek also made sure that the offending fan didn't try any more funny business by sending a member of his entourage into the audience to keep watch on things. If you like cringe-worthy videos, then you'll be glad to know that someone captured the whole exchange and put it on YouTube, naturally.

As far as we know, no actual harm was done to anyone, aside from the very obvious embarrassment factor. But we think that the aforementioned Drake sign carrier learned a lesson that is twofold. First, it's important in any situation to not be a complete idiot. (And provoking a very heated rap feud definitely falls under the category of "being a complete idiot"). 

And second, this Drake Versus Meek Mill battle will never, ever die. We will be following the back-and-forth for years to come, or until one of them decides to get really mad at someone else.

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