Perseverance is wiping out on stage multiple times and still going on with the show.

That's what happened when members of the Korean girl band GFriend took the stage at a recent performance, with one singer hitting the ground a bit more than the others.

Identified as Yuju by Mashable, the consummate professional seen wearing a white knee guard, slipped 8 timeswhile one of her K-pop bandmates hit the stage once, perhaps a sympathy fall?

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Despite repeated tumbles on the super-slick stage, the group keeps at the performancesinging, smiling, and nailing those synchronized choreographed dance moves that make us love manufactured pop groups so much.

Though they go down pretty damn hard, the group doesn't give up on the show, and they even help poor Yuju back to her feet so she can keep rejoining the routine.

The audience's cheers and applause only seem to grow, as GFriend tries to complete the song "Me Gustas Tu" without anymore bumps and bruises.

Like a living "Hang in There" poster, they strike their final pose as the song ends and they walk off stage without any more slips (that we know of.)

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