Selena Gomez, Instagram


If you've got it, flaunt it!

Selena Gomez hid nothing on Instagram, as the "Come and Get It" singer posed in nothing but her lingerie. Selena, 23, has been upping the ante when it comes to the way she's perceived in recent months, most notably debuting an incredibly racy music video for single "Good for You," in which she writhes on the floor and takes a very steamy shower.

This latest picture proves the former Disney darling has pushed those days far back into her memory, even though it seems like just yesterday she was starring on the Wizards of Waverly Place. But standing in her elaborate bra, panties and tights, Selena has graduated to sexy adult status. Her album must have an entirely different sound than what we're used to if this photo is any indication.

"You guys can still sign up for my little REVIVAL event in September because I wanna meet yall and share some stuff so.... Link in bio #thealbumscomingggg #REVIVAL," she captioned the pic.

Earlier this year people started criticizing the Spring Breakers actress for her curvier look, but celebs such as Abigail Breslin slammed the body shamers on behalf of their pal. Since then Selena has proved that no one can stop her or bring her down, based on her selfies and Twitter quotes.

What an inspiration!

Even though Selena had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs Sunday when her pasties were clearly visible for the world to see, it showed just how daring she really was willing to be on a red carpet—even if it was an accident! Seriously, she was wearing pasties! They're always a high-risk choice.

Regardless, it's exciting to see how happy and confident she really is. 

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