Blossom Brown's dreams are coming true!

Last month, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her plan to help Blossom achieve her dream of attending nursing school on an emotional episode of I Am Cait after Blossom revealed her story of struggle and discrimination.

"I had the GPA, I had good ACT score, and the first time I didn't get in. OK, so let me work a little harder. I took some classes, applied again, still nothing," Blossom said. "And I couldn't get in to nursing school for like the sixth time because I'm trans. People were looking at that, and you need to be looking at my hard work and dedication that I put into this hard work."

Cait later told producers she wanted to get Blossom on The Ellen DeGeneres Show so that she and Ellen DeGeneres (Blossom's favorite TV host) could help her get into nursing school. Now that day has come!

In a clip from this Tuesday's episode of Ellen, Blossom is surprised when Cait and Ellen gift her with a massive check to help her with her education. Watch the tear-jerking and inspiring Ellen clip now to see Blossom's wonderful reaction!

Watch a brand new I Am Cait this Sunday at 9PM, only on E!

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