The gloves are off!

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's all-new episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, Alana Stewart and daughter Kimberly Stewart get into an argument about Alana's busy (or to Kim, not-so-busy) work schedule. The heated conversation begins when Kimberly asks Alana if she can babysit her daughter, Delilah, while Kim visits her school.

"I have to work all day," Alana tells her. "Mondays through Fridays, I can't do things in the daytime."

"You can go get your hair done, you can go shopping, you can return eggs to Whole Foods, but you never have time to watch Delilah," Kimberly responds. Yikes!

"I feel like Kim doesn't give me credit for the things I do," Alana, who took over Farrah Fawcett's foundation, says. "I'm not some rich ex-wife. I have to work to support myself."

The situation quickly escalates when Kim implies Alana never spent time at her children's school when they were growing up. "It's difficult for her to understand because she didn't do those kind of things," she says to Dean.

"That is so not true. I was at your school all the time" Alana responds. "I was the room mother. You all are just picking on me and I'm tired of it."

"I'm not even asking for too much. Life is too short. All this stuff that you do just doesn't make any sense to me," Kim says.

"Like working for a living five days a week?" Alana asks.

"I'm not talking about the three hours that you go into the office," Kim snaps. Wow!

Watch the clip above to see the family's reaction to her harsh comments!

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