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Watch out, Blake Lively: hubby Ryan Reynolds may be giving you a run for your social media sassiness. 

The 38-year-old hunk took to Twitter on Thursday to reply to one fan who asked the Green Lantern stud, "what is love?"

"It's like waterboarding," the new dad responded, adding, "If waterboarding tasted like chocolate" (if you're unfamiliar with waterboarding, it's a form of water torture that causes the individual to experience the sensation of drowning). 

While Lively has yet to shed any light on her husband's morbid comparison, we presume this is Reynolds simply joking around with his signature sarcasm. 

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Need proof? Here are a couple of Reynolds' most recent tweets:

Reynolds also put his brand of humor on display when E! News caught up with him at Comic Con and he revealed that daughter James has been spending a lot of time on the Deadpool set—a film which is chock-full of swearing. 

"She's going to learn those words eventually anyway," he joked to us. "If her first word is f--k, then I've done something wrong, but otherwise I think we're fine. I think we're OK.

"The second or third [word], that's fine. But the first? No," Reynolds adding, laughing. "It's going to have to be mom or dad. I'm rooting for mom."

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