Moment elephant attacks safari truck by Newsflare

And you thought your morning commute was scary.

Terrifying video footage, shot with a GoPro camera, of an African bull elephant charging and attacking a safari truck filled with tourists in Hwange, Zimbabwe, has emerged and gone viral.

The clip shows the angry animal pushing the truck from the front near the front passenger's seat, which is unoccupied, as the others scream with fear; then the elephant leaves them alone and heads back to three of its friends, who are just chilling in the background. Miraculously, no one was hurt.

"Safari Truck charged by African Bull Elephant and turned 180* degrees, piercing the tire," the photographer wrote on Vimeo. "The back end is then lifted onto two wheels, its tusk breaking through the metal like butter, narrowly missing a passengers leg! No-one was harmed but the Safari Truck sure took a beating!"

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