Way to break it down, President Barack Obama

The 44th president of the United States showed off his dance moves during the final day of a three-day trip to Alaska, where the 55-year-old commander in chief has been spreading the word about climate change

POTUS visited Dillingham Middle School on Thursday and was treated to a performance by the school kids, featuring native dances and songs, before he joined in the fun. 

"I've been practicing," he told the schoolchildren, per ABC News, waving his arms to the beat of the music with a big smile. 

After the routine, Obama addressed the crowd and said he was "so happy to be here." 

"The young people here especially, I'm very proud of you. Keep up your traditions even as you go out into the big world, and learn and bring back the knowledge that's going to help to build this community," he said, adding, "We're very very proud of all of you."

He also posted about his visit on Instagram, writing, "Wonderful to see these young people keep their traditions strong through Yup'ik dance. They're also great teachers! -bo"

As the president approaches the end of his final term, Obama has embraced social media more than ever. In fact, he took over the White House Instagram account on Tuesday during his trip to Alaska and even posted a selfie with Bear Grylls.

"The impacts of climate change are real, and the people of Alaska are living with them every day," he wrote, alongside a photo of himself embracing Alaska's natural beauty. "It's never been more important for us to work together to address this challenge. -bo"

In yet another testament to Obama's social media acumen, the president even used a GoPro camera and a video stick to record himself at Kenai Fjords National Park; the video was posted to the White House Twitter page.

"This is worth preserving," Obama says, providing a view of the scenery. 

Way to connect with millennials, Mr. President. Now, more selfies, please! 

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