Amanda Peet is married to one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood, David Benioff.

Does the name sound familiar? No? Well, he's one of the co-creators and showrunners of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones. Now you know why he's such a polarizing figure in Tinseltown. The deaths of many fan-favorite characters are on his hands, including that of Jon Snow.

Even though Peet and Benioff have been married for almost a decade, the show's ending last season has caused a riff in their household. "I don't love him anymore," she explained to Jimmy Kimmel while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday.

"This is a bombshell," responded Kimmel, clearly caught off guard.

But as a GoT fan, she made it clear that she and her husband have strict boundaries.

"'Jon Snow,'" she told her husband. "'If you kill him that's it.'"

Spoiler: Seeing as Snow didn't make it through the finale (supposedly—some theories say otherwise), the A Lot Like Love star broke the news to Kimmel that she and her husband are "in the process of getting divorced."

Kit Harington, Game of Thrones


"I made him promise me. I begged him," she added. "He went out with Kit [Harrington] two weeks before the finale."

Just like a true fan, however, she heard rumors and saw pictures of Jon Snow's real life persona, Harrington, with a new haircut, which many fans took to mean he really was off the show. Jon Snow without his long, luscious locks?! No!

So, she had her husband snap a selfie with Harrington while they were out. When she saw he had his long hair, she was overcome with relief.

"My whole marriage blossomed again," she spilled. "David got laid!"

Two episodes later, her marriage would crumble. Watch the video above to find out what Peet told her husband after watching Jon Snow "die"! (In quotation marks because we're holding out hope that he's still alive.)

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