While you might think the Internet's favorite thing right now is to write "Miley, what's good?" on all her Instagram photos, you might just be a tad bit wrong. Apparently the Internet's favorite thing at the moment is this Vine.

Vine star Nicholas Fraser has remixed the ‘90s classic "Too Close" by Next, which should be a crime against humanity because how dare you touch such an iconic song. However, he changed up the lyrics to make a song called "Why You Lying?" which we guess is so he can have a more creative way to call out people who are clearly, you guessed it, lying. It definitely is more catchy and certainly more cool than using the ol' standby "liar, liar pants on fire."

The Vine has already been viewed over 9 million times. Yeah, you read that number right. 9 million. And people are so bonkers for it that they are taking the audio or the clip and playing it over different situations, like Kanye West at the MTV VMAs:

Or "when Bae says you're the only girl I text":

Even Diddy and Chris Brown are into it:

YOOOO Just tag both of them ???????????????? @iamdiddy @chrisbrownofficial

A photo posted by NicK?? (@downgoes.fraser) on

Definitely the best part about the video is his off-key singing, which makes the Vine extra magical in our eyes.

Here, let us give it a try...

We are totally hip with the kids of the Internet.

Nailed it.

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