Let's be honest: If anyone were to play Meryl Streep in a biopic, Meryl would probably play herself because she's the only actress capable of taking on such an important role! But, Funny or Die decided to give Christina Applegate a chance in its Lifetime spoof, Meryl: The Lifetime Biopic.

Because we'll never actually get to watch the full-length feature on the small screen, we'll just have to do with Applegate taking on some of Streep's best movies, including Adaptation, Kramer vs. Kramer, The Devil Wears Prada and Doubt. Taking on the "performance of a lifetime in the role of a lifetime on Lifetime," Applegate does her best to take on powerhouse Streep.

But it looks like critics don't agree.

"Christina Applegate was the wrong choice to play Meryl," the voice-over jokes while Applegate sings Mamma Mia! style. "Honestly, it's like she's not even trying."

Christina Applegate, Meryl Streep


As she continues to (try to) belt her heart out, the voice-over adds, "This legitimately hurts my ears."

The hilarious spoof tries to unearth Streep's deepest, darkest secrets, as Lifetime's biopics tend to do, but it seems she is as perfect off screen as she is on screen! "Honestly we kind of struggled to find dirt on Meryl, so we made things up," adds the voice-over, panning to Streep using chopped onions to show emotion.

"I need [onions] to cry," she explains.

Like every Lifetime biopic, drama ensues. Streep finds out she might not have been honored at an award show and can't handle it. "What do you mean I wasn't nominated?!" she asks upon hearing the news.

But not everything is as it seems!

"You were," her agent says after revealing his joke. "You're always nominated!"

Applegate shared the video Tuesday on Twitter. "Forgive me Meryl," she wrote. "All for love."

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