Wes Craven

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

It's been a hard week for horror fans. 

Wes Craven was an absolute genius when it came to the horror movie (and TV) genre, and news of his death on Sunday hit a lot of people incredibly hard.

His death was particularly felt on the set of MTV's Scream, on which Craven was an executive producer.  The horror series is based on the Scream movies, which were all directed by Craven.

In tonight's first season finale, Scream took a moment to honor the late director before finally revealing the killer. Even the quick tribute at the start of the episode was suitably horror-movie themed. Watch below! 

We have to admit, this is the first time those musical notes have driven us to tears instead of cowering in fear.  

While Craven's involvement in the show was fairly minimal, his influence is felt all over the series, which does a pretty excellent job of emulating the Scream film franchise. The first film was released in 1996, and the last came out in 2011, with Craven at the helm of all four. His directing, combined with Kevin Williamson's scripts, resulted in a hilariously self-referential yet terrifying and suspenseful series of films. 

Craven also created the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and the Freddy Kreuger character, and is responsible for the majority of all our favorite horror films. 

Craven died after a long battle with brain cancer on August 30 at the age of 76, and he will be greatly missed. 

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