Anderson Cooper, Instagram


Today marks a very, very sad day for Anderson Cooper.

The CNN star informed his Instagram followers that his longtime pet pooch, a Welsh springer spaniel named Molly, had died.

"An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today," he wrote alongside a photo of the two of them snuggling on a bed together.

Shortly after, Cooper posted another photo paying tribute to his best furry friend showing an up-close shot of the cute-as-can-be canine.

Earlier this summer, during a segment on 60 Minutes, Cooper opened up about how close he was to his four-legged friend.

"I'm a total dog person. I just really love dogs. I like other people's dogs. I like dogs of all kinds. Pit bulls—I actually love pit bulls," he explained.

"I've always wondered if my dog is scamming me. Do they really love us or do they just know, 'OK, if I lick their hand, they're gonna give me food?' Or, 'If I wag my tail, and if I look at them a certain way and I cock my head, that seems to work with this person.'"

Cooper added that one of the things he loves the most about dogs was the idea that "when [they] are looking at you, they're hugging you with their eyes."

They most certainly are…

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